Live Free Landscaping, LLC

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Welcome to Live Free Landscaping and Property Maintenance        

Call 603-369-9296 (click on this number to dial automatically on your mobile device) and please leave a message for Rich.

Call now to get a quote for Spring Clean-up and Summer Lawn Care!

What a crazy Winter we have had this year!  Are you ready for Spring and Summer? 


Sunapee and New London only at this time.

Live Free Landscaping, LLC has been in operation and growing since 2005.  

We are FULLY INSURED and serve commercial and residential customers in Sunapee and New London.  

It is still a small business, which means you are able to get personalized attention. During the past few years our customer base has steadiy grown, and we would love for YOU to use our lawn care and property maintenance services as well!

Time to start thinking ahead about Clean-ups and projects!  The seasons change quickly, and before you know it, Mother Nature has delivered something new!

Whether it is lawn mowing, landscaping, raking mounds of leaves, winterizing the seasonal cabins, clearing some low hanging tree limbs (to prepare for another possible ice storm), or trimming and cutting back the bushes around the yard... Live Free Landscaping, LLC can take care of ALL of that!  Visit the "Contact Us" page and get in touch today to get that lawn clean tomorrow! 

Keep Live Free Landscaping, LLC in mind for your plowing and snow removal over the winter!  Call today to have me view your property, give you a quote, and reserve your spot in my route.   I plow, sand, and shovel properties in Sunapee, New London, and some areas in Newbury.  I also have a number of driveways on Chalk Pond in Newbury that I plow out when I am done with the rest of my route.  I'm not one of those guys with a loud truck that just "shoots in, shoots out" and leaves a mess for you to clean up.  I have a newer, quiet truck and I am very meticulous about leaving you with a clean, safe driveway and walkway when you need it.

We perform a variety of basic lawn care tasks:

-Mowing and Trimming
-Lawn Repair
-Small area seeding
-Leaf Raking and removal

We also perform a variety of landscaping tasks:

-Bush and Tree Trimming
-Flower Beds and Displays
-Blue Stone Driveway repair
-Brick and stone patios
-Brick and stone sidewalks
-Many other landscaping needs... Just ask! If we can't do it, we know others who can!

During the Winter Months we plow driveways and shovel walkways. We also do various Handyman jobs to fill in the time in between snow storms!

Keep an eye on this site!

In between jobs we try to maintain and change the website when we can. 

Be on the look out for new pictures of projects we have done, or are working on. 

Also, in the the future look for coupons for discounts on Labor, Plowing, and Mowing.

Thank you for looking and thank you for your support!

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